a photo of a skater standing in front of the sun.


It started many years ago in a state filled with corn. The guy to the right? Das me. My name is Cole. I started skating when I was 13. My first board was this small green deck made by the company Element. I was pretty awful at first, but I didn't care because I had my very own skateboard.

a close up photo of a skateboarder riding on the sidewalk.


I started out thinking that I could just pick up skateboarding and just "be good". After all, I watched plenty of videos of skateboarding so that's all you need to be a pro, right? Wrong. I learned quicky that just riding down the sidewalk doesn't justify being a pro.

After trying street skating for a while, I got tired of falling on stairs and rails so I sought out a safer form of skateboarding. Thus, my love for freestyle skateboarding was born. Freestyle allowed me to skate any patch of flat concrete and hone in on technical tricks.