a photo of rodney mullen


This is Rodney Mullen. He's the father of all modern skateboarding tricks. He's very humble, but don't let him fool you. He's amazing. I mean how do you be so modest when you invented the frikin ollie??? He was one of the famous original skaters back in the day and skated/grew up with Tony Hawk. He's kind of a big deal.

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a photo of cole miller


Cole Miller is a pretty decent skater. He's nothing compared to the dude above, but way better than the dude below. He does fancy freestyle tricks that others can't do. He does more than skating though. He's an "artist" so he also makes custom skateboards to skate with. They're pretty cool just sayin'.

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a photo of rodney mullen


This is Jeff. Some say he's perpetually pissed off, and they'd probably be right. This is also a depiction of Jeff in a non-caveman state. He no longer posesses protien strands on his face in abundance. He just leaves a little on the front of his face to seem like he's an adult so he can sit at the big kids table for dinner. Well jokes on you Jeff. You still get the same table. Now drink from your sippy cup kid. Get good.

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a photo of cole miller


He’s a dog. Doesn’t skate, but plays fetch pretty dece. As a dog, he has a liking to foot underwear, herein referred to as ‘socks’. If we put him on a board, he’d most likely freak out and be scared of skaterides for the rest of his life... not that he has long to live, anyway. Little dood’s at half-span already. Anywho, this is a enough text to fill this box. kbai.

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